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10-minute Workout Tips For Women - Oneindia Boldsky

10-minute Workout Tips For Women All you need is just a few minutes to make it happen. The following are some fitness tips which will help you to reduce weight and get a flat tummy: Do a 2-minute warm Max Workouts video up - Aggressive warm up exercises for two minutes is the start to the 10-minute workout to loose belly fat. You can either do vigorous skipping for 2 minutes or you may go for spot jogging or spot jumping. The 2-minute warm up should be effective and make your body ready for further exercises. It is quite essential to have a good warm up in the beginning of any exercise regime. The same applies to the 10-minute workout for flat tummy regime. A 30-second break - After the warm up exercise, one must always take a short break before moving forward. The break is to give some time for your redirected muscles to relax and for you to calm down. A 30-second break is important in the 10 minute workout to loose belly fat.
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