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May 14 2014


10-minute Workout Tips For Women - Oneindia Boldsky

10-minute Workout Tips For Women All you need is just a few minutes to make it happen. The following are some fitness tips which will help you to reduce weight and get a flat tummy: Do a 2-minute warm Max Workouts video up - Aggressive warm up exercises for two minutes is the start to the 10-minute workout to loose belly fat. You can either do vigorous skipping for 2 minutes or you may go for spot jogging or spot jumping. The 2-minute warm up should be effective and make your body ready for further exercises. It is quite essential to have a good warm up in the beginning of any exercise regime. The same applies to the 10-minute workout for flat tummy regime. A 30-second break - After the warm up exercise, one must always take a short break before moving forward. The break is to give some time for your redirected muscles to relax and for you to calm down. A 30-second break is important in the 10 minute workout to loose belly fat.
More http://www.boldsky.com/health/wellness/2014/10-minute-workout-tips-for-women-20140513180701-039986.html

February 16 2014


Mulder Ruptures Achilles During Workout, Needs Surgery

Tyler Skaggs, 22, is still the favorite for the fifth spot in the rotation, but Joe Blanton's importance has suddenly heightened as a potential fallback option. The Angels are still not expected to sign any starters to a Major League contract, especially guys like Ubaldo Jimenez and Ervin Santana, who are tied to Draft-pick compensation. Mulder was the second overall pick by the A's in the 1998 First-Year Player Draft and established himself as one of the game's premier left-handers over a five-year period, averaging 18 wins and posting a 3.65 ERA from 2001-05. But he pitched only 12 2/3 innings with the Cardinals from 2007-08, a product of two rotator cuff surgeries, and moved on immediately thereafter, briefly trying his hand at professional golf before becoming an ESPN analyst. His attempt at a comeback was the result of an epiphany, not the necessity to fill a void. "I don't know what's going to come of it," Mulder said previously, "but I just know that I'm very confident in what I'm doing, and workout I'd like to Max Workouts think that when the Angels people see me throw, I'm going to hopefully turn some heads." Mulder never got that chance. Alden Gonzalez is a reporter for MLB.com.
More http://mlb.mlb.com/news/article/mlb/mulder-ruptures-achilles-during-workout-needs-surgery?ymd=20140215&content_id=67822450

February 01 2014


Trainer Jason Rosell Comes Up With A Hot New Workout In 'sexercise'

RELATED: DO RICH PEOPLE HAVE BETTER SEX? That move empowers women who want to take control in the missionary position, he says. Rosell didnt shy away during the frisky workout, but he wasnt always the workout stud he is workouts today. The 32-year-old was bullied for being overweight as a kid. I would literally eat myself to sleep. ... Thats when I realized Id hit rock bottom. Susan Watts/New York Daily News Rosells exercise program includes squats, lunges and other moves designed to help couples last during the heat of the moment. read
Source: http://www.nydailynews.com/life-style/health/hot-new-workout-sexercise-article-1.1592847

January 25 2014


Edward Snowden Defends Revelations In Online Q&a, Calls To End ?unconstitutional Policies?

If I had revealed what I knew about these unconstitutional but classified programs to Congress, they could have charged me with a felony () If we had had a real process in place, and reports of wrongdoing could be taken to real, independent arbiters () I might not have had to sacrifice so much to do what at this point even the President seems to agree needed to be done. His comments came as Attorney General Eric Holder said in Virginia that the US government would not consider clemency for him. If Mr. Snowden wanted to come back to the United States, enter a plea, we would engage with his lawyers. Wed do that with any defendant who wanted to enter a plea of guilty, Holder said. Snowden also took the opportunity to discuss accusations and threats against him: I never stole any passwords, nor did I trick an army of co-workers, he said. On Tuesday Snowdens Russian lawyer said better security was needed after a report emerged that quoted unnamed US intelligence officials saying they wanted Snowden dead and discussing ways to kill him. The former contractor said the alleged threats worried him, but for different reasons. That serving officials of our government are so comfortable in their authorities that theyre willing to tell reporters on the record that they think the due process protections of the 5th Amendment of our Constitution are outdated concepts he said. These are the same officials telling us to trust that theyll honour the 4th and 1st Amendments.

January 19 2014


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